Therapy Price List

Therapies By Andy

Full Body Swedish Massage – 1 hour 30 mins – £35

Feel those knots soothed away with Andy’s healing hands

Book 5 sessions for £150



Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage – 1 hour – £30

Some people just want their backs and shoulders massaged, as these get a lot of wear and tear

Book 5 sessions for £125



Leg & Foot Massage – 30 mins – £20

If you’ve been on your feet all day this will really help you unwind and it will remove all those aches and pains too!

Book 5 sessions for £90



Thai Back Massage – 30 mins – £20

This is undertaken fully clothed and uses a combination of massage techniques and pressure point manipulation



Reiki – 1 hour – £25

Let your cares and worries go and feel your life take on a new meaning. Caroline will help you.

Book 5 sessions for £90



Hypnotherapy – 1 hour – £35

Let’s get to the heart of the matter and remove the blocks and challenges to your success. Removes phobias and helps anxiety as well as  a range of other problems and conditions



Past Life Regression – 1 hour – £35

Sometimes past life trauma can cause present life conditions, this will help you move on with your life and may remove some issues too



Indian Head Massage – 1 hour – £25

Indian Head Massage is known for its soothing properties. It can help with sinus problems and relieve headaches and promote better sleeping habits

Book 5 sessions for £100



Crystal Healing Session – 1 hour – £25

bespoke crystal healing session to help clear your energies and promote healthy vitality

Book 5 sessions for £100