Swedish Massage

swedish-massageMassage is the art of healing through touch and pressure. It restores balance to the mind, body and spirit. Swedish Body Massage also known as Holistic Massage, dates back from the early 19th century. It is the original massage technique that uses oils, involving a sequence of movements working superficially and deeper into the tissue layers. It is one of the easiest ways of attaining and maintaining good health and something we do naturally.

Swedish Body Massage is an uplifting and energizing massage that stimulates circulation and generates an immediate sense of well-being. A light and relaxing treatment, Swedish Body massage is designed to ease away the aches and stresses of everyday life. Wonderful for relaxation. Swedish massage can be invigorating or stress-relieving, depending on your choice.


There has been a lot of research into the benefits of swedish massage, and other other types of massage, and it has been concluded that massage has a huge range of benefits including but not limited to:


Relieve stress

Remove tension and anxiety

Improve joint movement

Reduce and remove pain

Increase blood flow to skin to improve appearance

Help immune system

Reduce depression

Reduce stress marks

Improve circulation

Release feel-good endorphins into the body

Improve sleep pattern and overcome insomia

Increase energy


So, you can see Swedish massage is not just about pampering, it is an essential tool in body maintenance. Book your massage session now and feel rejuvenated.