Past Life Regression

buddha3Past Life Regression – your key to the future

Past Life Regression can give great insight into the problems and difficulties you are experiencing in this life.   Many people believe that traumas or violent deaths experienced in previous lives can have a profound effect upon this life if you have not dealt with or let go of negative feelings, blockages or habits from that lifetime.
Past Life Regression involves going back to former lives under hypnosis to remove blockages or deal with any issues remaining.   It is not necessary for you to believe in reincarnation for this to workan open mind is sufficient.
If you are drawn to past life regression, for whatever reason, then you are listening to your unconscious mind, which is ready to release blockages and move on in the present time.   Thats an excellent move.

The cause of a wide range of stress related and emotional problems, as well as many negative   behaviour patterns can often be traced back not only into this lifetime, but also back to events and traumas which have occurred in past lives.
Past life therapy is a highly effective therapy bring amazingly deep healings for clients on a whole range of issues.

I am not saying that Past Life Regression is a cure-all or the answer for everything.   Indeed there may be answers in the current lifetime why a person has a certain condition.

However, some conditions can be linked to past life traumas including:

Fears and phobias
Some stress and anxiety states or panic attacks
Physical illnesses
Weight problems
Confidence issues
Sexual problems
Relationship problems
And many many more

Past Life Regression is carried out in a deeply relaxed state of mind known as hypnosis.   Hypnosis is completely safe akin to daydreaming and you are always in control.   If you wished to come out of the hypnotic trance at any point then you can do so.   All I do is guide you and help you to experience what you feel is necessary.   You will never be forced into any situation against your will.

The answer to this is it rather depends upon you the individual.   Clearly sometimes past life recall can involve remembering difficult experiences, as this may have great relevance for what needs to be put right in the present life experience of the person.   However, that said, you are then able to see things differently and the issue or longstanding problem in this life is much more diminished or even completely removed.
Even though the regression may lead a person to a traumatic event from the past it is easy for that event to be witnessed without the associated pain or distress. The regression session always contains a part where you have the opportunity to express and release feelings that are no longer necessary or viable.   Forgiveness can be given or received and this in itself can be very healing for a person.

Very often people say that they gain great insights through the experience of Past Life Regression. Past life recall often brings   about the relief of longstanding symptoms, or helps to effect change in emotional responses or behavioural difficulties, even where other approaches have been unsuccessful.


So if you’re ready to move on give me a ring now!  Don’t you deserve to live your life how you want?