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Experience powerful hypnosis from the privacy of your own computer
Imagine it… in a few minutes you could be feeling absolutely amazing. Using the incredible power of your own mind, our advanced hypnosis downloads will move you gently into a deeply relaxed and powerfully focused state free from stress, where normal worries melt away and you can enjoy a state of relaxation like the deepest meditation. You will absolutely love the way you feel after using one of our self hypnosis downloads.

We are so sure of this that we guarantee every one. And, as well as enjoying complete privacy, you can record your MP3 download onto CD, MP3 player, DVD or tapes, to listen to at work or anywhere.

Whether you are looking for help for yourself, a professional hypnotherapist looking for hypnosis scripts, or want to learn hypnosis, these spoken-word online sessions are the most advanced you will find, anywhere on the web. The process is simple… to learn more, click on the name of the hypnosis download you are interested in on the list below and take it from there.

All our hypnosis downloads have been carefully crafted by professional hypnotherapist educators with a proven track record.